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Fitness Classes and Yoga at Boca Bay Pass Club  


Leslie Davis
Fitness Classes
Leslie Davis, Pass Club Fitness Classes


Terri Schapley
Terri Schapley, Aquacise


Jan Korman
Jan Korman, Aquacise


Deanna Dean


Dennis Domres
Dennis Domres, Yoga


Leslie Davis

Leslie Davis teaches three of the fitness classes at the Pass Club Powerhouse. She has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, coach, and wellness coordinator. She sees fitness as a lifestyle and enjoys sharing that passion with others.





Terri Schapley (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

Terri Schapley has been a fitness/aquacise instructor at the YMCA for five years, and she is anxious to share her talent with the Pass Club members. With the use of energizing music, water dumbbell, and noodles, she will help you develop flexibility and strength without damage to joints or muscles. She will help you use the magic of water to stay fit and healthy.



Jan Korman (Tuesday and Thursday)

Jan Korman has years of experience as a water aerobics instructor, swimming instructor and lifeguard. She has taught classes at the YMCA as well as the Manasota Beach Club. She totally enjoys being in the water and teaching the many benefits of aquacise.






Deanna Dean

Deanna is not only a highly trained and experienced Yoga instructor, but also a PhD. in Natural Medicine. She is an aerobics instructor, personal trainer, a Certified Natural Health Professional, a respected author, a previous owner of fitness and yoga studios, and a ballerina.  Come and experience the many healthy benefits of her Hatha yoga class with emphasis on the lyengar method. Safely build strength, increase flexibility and develop balance as you create health within the body systems. Heal, relax, renew, and meditate in the calming atmosphere of Deanna's class.


Dennis Domres

Dennis teaches Men's Yoga on Saturdays. His years of experience and calming manner have all the gentlemen stretching, relaxing and occasionally snoring through the Yoga postures.





The Pass Club offers a wide variety of fitness classes on a weekly basis. The following classes are taught by our experienced fitness team at the Powerhouse and Pass Club pool.

Aerobic Fitness Classes

Body Sculpt – Geared for all levels of fitness, this total body workout uses weights, bands, and bars to provide an effective, well-balanced and fun workout, focused on muscular strength, flexibility, coordination, and mind-body awareness

Core Fusion Pilates – a smart blend of classical Pilates mat and fit ball exercises, and ballet moves that focus on joint stabilization, core strengthening, posture, and balance.  Stretching is incorporated to help increase flexibility, improve circulation, reduce stress, and help aid injury prevention.

Cardio Sculpt – an aerobic paced total body conditioning class designed to target individual muscle groups utilizing free weights, bands, body bars, and dynamic body movements.  Dance inspired low impact aerobic segments will be used for cardiovascular conditioning in this high energy sculpting class.  Cardio and strength training intervals may be modified or maximized to meet your fitness level.

Aquacise Classes

Enjoy the five classes we offer weekly at the beachside pool. Exercise using the magical resistance of water, barbells, noodles, and weights.

Yoga Classes

Mixed Level Gentle Yoga – have fun and experience Hatha yoga with emphasis on the lyengar method.  This school of yoga is excellent for the students at any level to safely build strength, increase flexibility and develop their balance, often with the use of supportive props.  Attention is given to breath work and physical alignment which will lengthen the spine and soothe the back, release tight muscles, and create health within the body systems.  Weight loss and ideal weight are typical results found through consistent yoga practice.  Heal, relax, and renew with guided meditation at the close of class.

Men's Yoga – this men's only class puts emphasis on stretching, relaxation, and classical yoga.  Men find this nice conditioning compliment to golf, tennis, or walking.

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