Associate and Dining Membership Candidates require two current Boca Bay Pass Club members for sponsorship.

Membership Applications are provided at the request of a current Boca Bay Pass Club member.

Membership Categories

Homeowner - Owns a Home within the Boca Bay Community
Associate -Full Pass Club Privileges/ No Boca Bay Homeowner Amenities
Dining - Dining at the Pass Club (No Tennis, Fitness or Pool Access)

Renter Memberships - Renter must be staying at a home within the Boca Bay Community and sponsored by a Boca Bay Homeowner. A renter membership application must be completed prior to utilizing the Pass Club amenities.

Renter Membership Fees - Billed on a weekly basis (no proration) 

In Season Weekly Fee (Mid October – Mid May): $350.00 + applicable sales tax ·
Summer Season – Weekly Fee (Mid May – Mid October): $150.00 + applicable sales tax

Renter Membership Policies
  • One-week minimum
  • Billing will not be prorated for partial weeks.
  • Renter must submit a signed Renter Membership Application
  • Renter must be sponsored by a Boca Bay Homeowner
  • Renter must submit an active credit card which will be verified at the beginning of the rental period

Questions regarding Membership, contact Tony Zaranti at 941-964-0769